Bridging the gap between manufacturer and customer.

Because successfully launching and creating a sustainable growth for our partner-manufacturers is what Egeda is all about, 


Our entire team will go the extra mile to make it happen. 

In terms of a sustainable growth, we take on the challenge of representing international brands with a main focus on Heating, Ventilation & Sanitary on the Belgian and Luxembourg market. As a family owned business we focus on a long-term perspective and on long-term partnerships. 

The target group exists of professional wholesalers, installation companies, prescribers, architects and engineering firms. We have the right capability and experience to inform and support each of these stakeholders in a professional way.  

Existing customers can count on our experienced sales people, a multi-lingual internal sales team, a technical service team and a performant logistics system. On top of that for each brand a separate marketing strategy will be elaborated to support each brand and give each brand the focus it deserves! 

Why you should join forces with Egeda? 


Almost 70 years of experience makes all the difference! For each product we feel ourselves as a subsidiary of the manufacturer. As Egeda, we combine a profound product knowledge with a long-term experience of the markets in which we operate.  


For more than 75 years and already 3 generations, we do our best to be innovators and look for partnerships with the best enterpreneurs  who create amazing products. Working together with these people on a daily business and giving these products the love and attention they need, is our passion! 


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